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The compliance route is assumed to be the Prescriptive or Deemed-to-satisfy route which is being followed by the appointed professional. SA National Standard 10400 Part XA; Energy Usage in building... more
This document outlines the requirements for effective leadership in health and safety, in both large and small organisations. Protecting the health and safety of employees and/or members of the... more
An investigation into sustainable thermal insulation solutions for clay masonry walling that comply with present South African Regulatory Standards and requirements.
Walling Requirements of Low Cost Housing in the Southern Cape Condensation Problem Area and the Need to Prevent Mould Growth Introduction to problems around walling in the SCCPA The Southern Cape... more
This Technical note is the first of a new series, and refers to the Thermal Conductivity of Clay Masonry Materials. It outlines the performance of Clay Brick masonry walling, according to published... more
This technical paper looks in detail at the properties and specifications required for load bearing brickwork. Load-bearing brickwork is a well tried, versatile, durable and economical material with... more
FBS, FBA, NFX - what do these terms mean when buying or specifying brick? This leaflet provides brick terminology and specifications.
Part 1 Clay Brick Manufacture 1.1 Brick manufacture 1.2 The manufacturing process Part 2 The Language of Clay Bricks Part 3 Product Specification and Physical Properties 3.1 Overall dimensions and... more
In presenting house Stand 47 Monaghan farm, it was proposed that high levels of energy efficiency could be expected due to its lightweight partition walling envelope and internal walls.  Technical... more
It is expected that new programs like the ASIDI or Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative program will stimulate crucial education projects. ASIDI targets over 3000 schools across... more
Over the years there had been  an on-going stream of Agrément SA certificated Alternative Building systems [ABTs] that have claimed superior performance over clay brick construction, lower... more
The Carbon Tax Study, has been able to generate a similar level of interest and appreciation of the VSBK Projects involvement within the sector. This report presents the findings of a research... more
Edition 1 of the SANS 204 series of standards contains Deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) requirements that make a distinction between walls based on minimum “surface density”, requirements, quantified as “kg/... more
This leaflet was prepared for the Master Builders Association. It covers insulation in open rafter roof assembly, insulation in concealed rafter roof assembly, under surface bed and cavity wall... more
This information  covers the basic requirements  for constructing   a well designed and durable structure. Reference has been made to the SABS Standards and Codes of Practice  as well as the National... more
The value of building plans passed and buildings completed are two indicators that can be used to gauge the state of the building industry. The infographic outlines some key findings from Stats SA’s... more
First Published by BUSINESS DAY, Home Front Date: 08 May 2015 Journalist: David Steynberg The use of alternative building systems like light steel frames is growing on South African consumers but... more
University of Johannesburg student, Harold Johnson, is Corobrik’s 28th Architectural Student of the Year. He collected his award at the prestigious annual Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year... more
The Minister of Human Settlements, Lindiwe Sisulu, MP, hosted the National Human Settlements Indaba and Exhibition on 16-17 October 2014 at Sandton Convention Centre. The Clay Brick Association not... more
Our challenge as brick manufacturers in pursuit of a significant share of the Low Cost Housing market has been to provide clay brick products in formats that were more cost effective and afforded... more
SABS provides a range of standards covering the demands of the Building & Construction industry, from quality management systems to test methods for specific materials or parts. These will help... more
University of Pretoria student, Heidi van Eeden, has taken first place in Corobrik’s 27th Architectural Student of the Year Award with her thesis Machinarium: Architecture as a living machine, a 21st... more
As the need for more sustainable housing grows, clay brick in construction's superior composite offering, none more so than in the critical areas of energy efficiency, indoor air quality,... more
Makana Brick Bricklaying School is funded by Makana Brick and run by the East Cape Training Centre, the training facility is based at the factory's premises.