2016 EECB Awards Postponed

The 2016 EECB Awards Ceremony was scheduled to occur in September 2016. While the awards received a large amount of interest, there were very few corresponding entries and it is for this reason that that the Clay Brick Association and the EECB have decided to not appoint any winner for this year Awards. The CBA and EECB will engage with the sector to better understand what the clay brick makers are expecting from the awards, the reasons behind for the lack of participation and then make the necessary adjustments to the awards. Based on what this engagement yields, we expect to come back with the new awards next year, possibly at the next CBA AGM.

The CBA and the EECB are well aware of the sector’s contributions towards improving energy consumption and would like to give credit where credit is due.  In order to do so, the awards EECB Awards were established as a means to celebrate and recognise the brick makers who have been making strides to improve their energy consumption and improve the overall sectorial energy consumption.

More information about the reintroduction of the awards will be distributed to CBA members once all existing concerns by brick makers have been addressed.