Derby University Clay Brick Programmes

For more than 30 years the DAPS courses and recently Diploma programmes were associated with the delivery of distance learning on behalf of the mineral products industry.

Clay Technology is one of the fundamental parts of the mineral products sector, providing bricks and other construction products which form the very building blocks of our civilization’s infrastructure. Together with a range of other products manufactured, the industry is an important part of the global economy and is represented by small medium sized businesses specialising in niche building products, such as ‘handmade bricks’ to global organisations which extract and process the raw material as well as manufacturing in the most modern of facilities, the full range of such building products. Like many industries today, investment in the training and development of the next generation of managers in the technical, managerial and leadership skills necessary for succession planning has, in these stringent times, been neglected and the development of this qualification is seen as a means of addressing this.

In addition to the above, to aid the Minerals Industry drive towards ‘total competence’ the International Clay Technology Association and the University of Derby have worked together to develop the Foundation Degree in Clay Technology. This qualification is built on the successful operating principles of the original DAPS and Diploma programmes and enables a clear progression path to be offered to those, employed in the industry who wish to enhance their career and life-long learning opportunities

The Foundation Degree is open to anyone with an interest in the clay technology industry. To find out more about the course or to apply to join the course contact us either via email: or call us on 01332 597959