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African Pegmatite’s rich history in the minerals industry was born in 1971. It has since been our passion to ensure that our ever expanding product offering would not only accommodate the various markets in the brick, glass, cement, water filtration, agricultural and foundry industries, but that we would also remain at the forefront of the industry. 

African Pegmatite produces brick colourants, including Manganese and Iron Oxides, which are used by customers on five continents. Specialist low temperature engobe colours have been developed, which are colour fast, producing a wide range of textures and finishes. Forty years of experience and knowledge have aided us in the development of these products.

African Pegmatite is a specialist in the production of colour and reductive additives in the container and plate glass industry. Inorganic colourants and umber, which are inexpensive, have become popular within cement and plaster industries, as they allow for fast colouring as well as prevent fading for many decades.