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Schupp® offers complete furnace linings up to 1850°C according to your requirements. The furnace linings are composed of heating elements made from molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) and high temperature insulation materials made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW).

With our technically optimised as well as cost-efficient high-temperature solutions for application temperatures of up to 1800°C, we ensure efficient, economic and long term furnace operation. We will take care of all the necessary services – Our service range for re-lining of existing furnaces, includes consulting, project planning, heat transfer calculation, construction and assembly.

Benefits of individual furnace linings

  • PCW insulation material up to 1850°C
  • Shot-free 
  • No ceramic fibre inside (RCF-free)
  • Complete prefabricated furnace sets and linings available as customized products on request 
  • Re-lining of existing furnaces and for the production of new systems 
  • Service: concept, design, heat transfer calculation & construction