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Jez Rowe



(073) 369-9830

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086 53202186
PO Box 568 Jeffrey’s Bay 6330
Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape

Responsible for project management and construction of a number of projects including Bethel Cove in Jeffrey's Bay. Design and project management of the VB36ER wood turning lathe and ancillary systems.

Currently engaged in designing next generation of Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns for South Africa. This new kiln system will provide local employment and reduce fossil fuel by 50% with emissions reduced by up to 90%.

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About us

Rowe Design and Consulting was established in 2013 to meet the demand for our new RVSBK kilns.  The company provides a central repository of RVSBK design, construction and operational knowledge in South Africa.  Its primary goal is to assist brick makers in reducing wastage and coal usage thus achieving a lower carbon footprint. The RVSBK firing technology has the ability to fire several different products and produces a very consistent clay product.  We are establishing this greener technology, further ensuring our commitment to the environment and lowering our client’s reliance on fossil fuels. We are currently engaged with several contracts in South Africa.

Advantages of RVSBK:

  • High energy-efficiency
  • Less polluting emissions
  • Greater uniform quality and quantity of fired bricks
  • Centralised production and covered environment
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Multi block customizable layout  ease of access for loading / unloading
  • Decreased construction lead times with offsite component manufacturing
  • Modular approach - ability to enlarge facility to meet demand without shaft shutdown
  • Air recirculation system provides heat recovery and restricts emissions from the top of the shaft
  • Ease of access to reline the refractory shaft without affecting other shafts in proximity
  • Components can be easily replaced