Tech Note #15 SANS 204 compliance for masonry walling


The objective of the Technical Note is to provide a concise explanation of the walling provisions in the SANS204 standard, and indicate how this can be used to the advantage of end-users/owners.

SA National Standard 204; Energy Efficiency in building was developed as a voluntary standard to guide the design of buildings which will achieve a rational [financially sensible] best practice level of energy efficiency in buildings in South Africa.

As a subsequent objective the SANS 204 document has been revised to serve the requirements of SANS 10400XA in some few instances when it is invoked by the Regulations XA and SANS 10400XA; Energy Usage in building. This is not the case for walling, and less stringent and less effective walling systems will meet the minimum requirements of the national Building Regulations and SANS 10400XA.


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