Technical Note #26 Carbon Budget & Pollution Prevention Plan


A Carbon Budget is a greenhouse gas emissions allowance that can be allocated on a per company basis. Carbon budgets are generally allocated for a period of several years, normally five years. Company emissions are then reported to the Department against the carbon budget.

While the clay brick sector is not included in phase 1 (voluntary pilot 2016 to 2020), planning for phase 2 (mandatory, post 2020) is currently underway. The Department of Environmental Affairs plans to include more industries during phase 2, which may include clay brick manufacturers. Clay brick manufacturers therefore need to pay more attention to monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and emission reduction initiatives.

Pollution Prevention Plans, linked to the Carbon Budget, outline the mitigation projects that a company plans to implement in order to keep their emissions within their allocated carbon budget.

Download the Technical Note #26  on this regulation (November 2016)