TN#21 Accessible clay brick paving for people with disabilities


This Technical Note includes guidance related to the design, construction and maintenance of pavements constructed of brick pavers that will serve all users, including those with disabilities and improve general accessibility.

 Clay pavers have been used in streets, sidewalks, paths and plazas for hundreds of years. They are chosen for their durability, long-lasting color, small scale, and ability to blend in with the surrounding area. While these are all desirable traits, more recent awareness of the needs of people with disabilities has refocused attention on other attributes of paving surfaces.

Accessibility is particularly important for people with limited mobility whether they are in wheelchairs or using crutches or walking aids as well as those with poor vision. It is also important that social infrastructure allows for people pushing prams, trolleys, large waste bins or wheeled pallet hand-trucks.

Research and prolonged use has proven that segmental clay paving complies with various accessibility guidelines.


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