TN#29 University of Pretoria Thermal performance study


Management Summary and consolidation report of the LCA study

“A thermal performance comparison between six walling construction materials frequently used in South Africa”

Published: November 2016

Six wall types were analysed

  1. Double (internal and external) clay brick solid wall (nominally 220 thick, plastered)
  2. Double clay brick cavity wall with air cavity (nominally 270 mm thick with an uninsulated 50mm air cavity)
  3. Insulated double clay brick wall (nominally 280mm thick, with 30mm extruded polystyrene insulation in the 50mm cavity)
  4. 140mm hollow core concrete block (150mm thick with a single external layer of plaster, and bagged internally)
  5. Light steel frame, externally clad with 9mm fibre cement board to SANS 517 (nominally 145 mm thick with 0.2mm polymer vapour membrane, 20mm orientated strand board and 0.8mm steel studs. Internal wall of 15mm gypsum board with 75/100mm fibre sound insulation.)
  6. Timber frame to SANS 10 082 clad with external ship-lapped tiles or weatherboard (nominally 145mm thick with 20mm orientated strand board and internal cladding of 15mm gypsum plasterboard.)

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This study forms part of the Life Cycle Assessment of Clay Brick.