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#04 Clay bricks: The sustainable way to live and build

Clay Brick is 100% natural, and can be recycled after the useful life of the building

When considering construction materials, design professionals need to look at the product choices and ask themselves, will this offer optimal comfort, value and peace of mind in the long term? Is it a sustainable, environmentally sound and financially astute investment?

It makes sense to choose construction materials that are made from healthy, insulated organic structures that offer a legacy to clients, families, communities and the environments in which we are building.

This is to live in a world of clay brick.

Everlasting beauty

In colour, form and texture, clay brick has an ageless ability to retain its original beauty. Even after decades of exposure to the sun, wind, hail, rain and other environmental elements, they do not fade, but complement the functional and aesthetic needs of an area.

Flexible design

Available in an array of colours, shapes, sizes and textures to suit any architectural design and building application, clay bricks’ natural aesthetics complement other organic materials such as stone and timber. Combinations of bricks and construction methods can be used for creative expression, affording a clay brick structure to be as unique as your project.

Low maintenance

A clay face home requires little maintenance to retain its enduring good looks and performance. Its vitrification under fire provides for a highly durable, fade-free brick that does not rot or get destroyed by termites, saving today’s property owner a substantial amount of upkeep in the long term.

Quality and strength

Clay bricks’ structural integrity in application is founded in its dimensional stability and high compressive strengths. Thanks to its high density, clay brick serves as an unyielding barricade against natural elements.

Fire resistance

Clay brick is incombustible and cannot contribute to the start or spread of fires, or make it more intense. Hence, clay brick walls achieve maximum fire ratings, and withstand fully developed fires longer than other building materials.

To design green means to return to basic essentials. When it comes to creating buildings, it requires products that are naturally derived, friendly to the environment and perfectly reintegrated into nature to minimise disruption to the earth and its inhabitants.


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