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Clay Brick Fact Sheets

Common brick bonds

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if clients never changed their minds?

Energy Use of a 130 square metre residential home in different SA climate zones.

In many countries, wall thermal resistance or R-value is the sole determinant of energy efficiency. Here in South Africa, R-values are only one measurement to consider.

Whitewash an old brick masonry wall for a contemporary edge

One of the many benefits of a clay brick home is that it is easy to extend and renovate. Instead of hunting down a perfect kitchen or extra room elsewhere, why not save on commissions and transfer fees and upgrade the property you have.

Peter Drucker famously quoted, “what gets measured, gets managed”. By examining an activity we are forced to pay attention to it.

Ivy League Student Housing - Berts Bricks

Each January, around 450 000 students migrate to the 4 major cities of South Africa to attend tertiary education institutions.

Passive design is “energy efficient design” that makes harnesses free heat from the sun and natural night time cooling to make a home more comforta

Patio with retaining wall and fire-pit

A brick-in-sand patio is easy to build and requires just a few basic skills and about 2 days’ work.

The Bell Tower of the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, built between 1666 and 1684

Made of clay and shale, the final composition of clay brick includes the four natural elements, i.e., earth, wind, fire and water.

The CSR 8-star House uses 85% less heating and cooling energy that the average home built before 1990. Photograph CSR Limited, Australia

Figure 1 The CSR 8-star House uses 85% less heating and cooling energy that the average home built before 1990.

The handover of the clay brick industry Life Cycle Assessment research

The Clay Brick Association of South Africa serves its Members by expanding awareness, knowledge and support for clay brick masonry.

Montana High School Library in Worcester makes superb use of the natural insulating properties of clay brick. Photograph courtesy of Worcester Brick.
Socio Economic Impact

The architectural profession safeguards the value of South Africa’s built investment – the structures in which we live, work, learn and play.

The track record of clay brick construction in providing sustainable superior quality infrastructure - schools, clinics and houses - is evident in


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energy savings

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