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Draft Guidelines - Mine Health and Safety Act

These guidelines provide direction/guidance on the MHSA requirements for health and safety management in small-scale mining in South Africa. By design, these guidelines are presented in accessible, easy to understand language to ensure meaningful use by small mine owners and employees, and are primarily intended to provide basic tools for managing and promoting workplace health and safety as stipulated within South African Occupational health and safety law.

The Guidelines will ensure that the MHSC appropriately implements its own set of recommendations that relate to identifying the needs of:

  1. Small-Scale Miners and
  2. the Culture Transformation Framework.

Following preliminary need identification, the guidelines will facilitate the development of occupational health and safety management programmes in SSM thereby helping them (SSM) to prevent or reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and diseases, enhance production and facilitate the achievement of zero harm tolerance in line with the industry’s vision of ensuring that every mine worker returns home unharmed every day.

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