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Energy Efficiency & The Environment

There is been growing world-wide concern for energy conservation, the reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainability. In Australia, it is estimated that 39% of the end energy usage in domestic buildings is used for space heating and cooling (AGO 1999).

Designing and constructing an energy efficient house has the potential to substantially reduce the amount of energy consumed. From 2002 Think Brick Australia (formerly The Clay Brick & Paver Institute) embarked on an eight year thermal research program, in collaboration with The University of Newcastle’s Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, to understand the role of clay masonry in achieving sustainable design. To date, the research has proven clay brick is a superior building material in producing thermally comfortable, energy efficient environments for people to live, work and play.

This document sets out to describe the research methodology and some of the early outputs. Further updates will be made available to industry as new data comes to hand.


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Energy Efficient & Sustainable


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