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A green building is energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible. But starting the process of change need not be an overly complex or expensive endeavour and you can start...view more

At the request of clients in the brick and quarry industries, Survival Tyres were asked to develop a practical solution for the prevention of punctures and as a result reduce down time due to...view more

As the need for more sustainable housing grows, clay brick in construction's superior composite offering, none more so than in the critical areas of energy efficiency, indoor air quality,...view more

Clay Brick is confirmed as intrinsically ‘perfect’ for defining a sustainable and more energy efficient future.

The ante towards building greater sustainability into the built environments...view more

Langkloof starts civils on VSBK Expansion

Langkloof Stene het amptelik op die 13de Mei 2013 begin met die siviele werk vir die uitbreiding van die volgende 18 VSBK skagte en vandag, die 16de Julie 2013 het ons die eerste beton gegiet vir...view more

Minutes of the first meeting

On 29th March 1963 the first Annual General Meeting the S.A Brick Association, was held. While going through these records we were also fascinated to note the process involved in setting a fixed...view more

Makana Brick's Rod Taylor and Colin Meyer, Eastern Cape Training Centre's Peter George (yellow hat) pose with trainees from the Makana Brick Bricklaying School this week. Photo: Stephen Penney

Makana Brick Bricklaying School is f unded by Makana Brick and run by the East Cape Training Centre, the training facility is based at the factory's premises.

Courses are run where there...view more

Hampton Court, built in 1529 is one of the Stately Homes of England, and a palace of Henry VIII. In the late medieval period, bricks were brought from the Low Countries to East Anglia. They were luxury items, and not everyone could afford them. While bricks are the defining feature of Tudor houses, those who were not rich enough had to use plaster

Research undertaken by Adrian Bown from Leeds Metropolitan University of 860 homes found that brick structures can have a lifespan of 500 years or more. This research focussed on traditional low-...view more

Brick may not be the first thing that springs to mind when we talk about green building. But there are qualities that bricks possess that make them one of the greenest walling materials around....view more


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