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Clay brick is the EU's most sustainable façade

Clay bricks have a very convincing image in Europe as one of the most sustainable façade products.  These are some of the conclusions of the European Architectural Barometer report, a quarterly survey of 1 600 architects in eight European countries.

When architects are asked for the most and least sustainable façade materials/ products, three materials are mentioned as the most sustainable: clay bricks, wood and stone.

Most Sustainable Facade


  Germany France Spain Italy Netherlands Belgium
1st choice Bricks (56%) Wood (19%) Bricks (47%) Bricks (57%) Bricks (40%) Bricks (50%)
2nd choice Wood (11%) Bricks (15%) Stone (10%) Wood (14%) Wood (21%) Wood (*%)
3rd choice Glass (6%) Concrete (13%) Ceramic (7%) Other (5%) Glass (7%) Stone (7%)

 It should be noted that architects hardly ever question the sustainability of bricks. Especially in countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, these products are strongly related to a sustainability image.

Not the same, however, can be said about wood: in France, the Netherlands and Belgium, architects seem to have opposing opinions. Wood is referred to as the most as well as the least sustainable material. The same can be said about concrete, in France.

In general, concrete and façade panels (composite or HPL) often find their place among the least sustainable materials and products

Benefits of Brick: 


Economical & Practical

energy savings

Energy Efficient & Sustainable


Desirable & Stylish