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Rowe Group have completed another computational fluid dynamic (CFD) study, in partnership with a professor from Stellenbosch university. This comprehensive air flow study has yielded some very...view more

Early mine workers homes on the Witwatersrand

A few days ago, the DJ's at a local radio station disparaged the city of Brakpan for its old-fashioned “facebrick” houses.

The brick homes found in Brakpan, Benoni and elsewhere on...view more

Hotel Verde, Africa's "greenest hotel" uses clay bricks to improve energy efficiency

Claytile, one of the Western Cape’s respected clay brick manufacturers is supplying over a million bricks to Hotel Verde, cited as Africa’s Greenest hotel. This 45 room hotel is pursuing green...view more

Do you hire a private security firm? Please note that when signing contracts with security firms, they must comply with these basic conditions of employment for the sector.

The Department...view more

While clay brick schools last a lifetime, photos below show prefabricated ABT schools with expensive repair bills after less than 3 years use.

We are all well aware of the responsibilities of scholars, teachers and parents in the education process. But a huge responsibility also lies with government to provide infrastructure conducive to...view more

Clay bricks have a very convincing image in Europe as one of the most sustainable façade products. These are some of the conclusions of the European Architectural Barometer report, a quarterly...view more

Ocon Brick is to supply approximately 400,000 clay stock bricks for the new Michelin Warehouse in Klipriver. The warehouse, currently under construction, will be used for the storage of tyres...view more

The CBa clamp kiln research shows the dust is one of the biggest sources of pollution and reduce air quality. Watering is one of the cost-effective ways to reduce dust, but in a water scarce...view more

ABT structural failures at Good Hope Primary School

Clay brick has always been the material of choice for sustainable, low maintenance and long lasting infrastructure. Schools, clinics and houses built over the past 100 years all across South...view more


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