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Makana Brick and UK Charity Khanya partner to build tomorrow, today

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step…” says the Chinese proverb.
In May this year, Makana Brick and Khanya presented an extensive brick laying course to ten
trainees and two teachers from Amasango Career School in Makhanda. 

They started their journey in learning how to lay one perfect brick on top of the other, from master bricklayer,
and Chair of Khanya charity, Ade Lusmore, they learnt how to build structures of a thousand
bricks, and to lay a new foundation for their lives. 

Bricklaying changed Ade’s life. He and Khanya Vice Chair Christina Thomas, partnered to
found Khanya, a small UK charity, with the aim of changing communities, one person at a
time, and empowering them through vocational training, to break the cycle of poverty.
Ade was delighted to discover that Makhanda is home to one of the biggest brick
manufacturers in South Africa, Makana Brick. Founded in 1994, Makana Brick makes clay
bricks that are eco-friendly, durable, and affordable. Ade and Makana CEO, Colin Meyer,
have partnered to make this training programme possible. Colin identified the 10 participant
trainees, provided the training space, and Khanya the bricklaying kits needed to equip
trainees to learn, as well as Ade Lusmore himself, his travel to South Africa, and his skills.

The two teacher participants from Amasango, are women, in this traditionally male-
dominated profession. Colleagues Pumla Patricia Kalipa and Sibongile Booi intend, with
further support from Khanya, to launch bricklaying as a course at Amasango, a school for
learners with psycho-social barriers to learning. “In a world where formal employment is
scarce, these courses will equip learners with a skill to begin work quickly and in time start
their own businesses, contributing to job creation in an area where poverty is rife” says
Amasango Principal, Dr Girlie Shadaya.


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