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Makana supplies to Masizakhe School

Beautiful clay brick: 

Masizakhe Junior Secondary School just outside Queenstown features Makana Brick's Grahamstown Ironspot

Clay brick is one of the best construction materials for schools - it is robust, durable and low maintenance. It also helps create an effective learning environment due to natural noise insulation. Because the brick has mass, it has the ability to inhibit sound penetration. Brick schools reduce both high and low-frequency noise both form outside the building and other classrooms. Textured rustic and face brick products are superior performers when it comes to reducing sound reflection and reverberation.

Many buildings have to be retrofitted with sound insulation and acoustic panels at a huge cost. By using the right walling materials during construction,  effective acoustics are “built-in” to living, working and learning spaces.

Architect: Osmond Lange Architects from East London
Contractor: Tewo Construction



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