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Making history - 29 March 1963

On 29th March 1963 the first Annual General Meeting the S.A Brick Association, was held. While going through these records we were also fascinated to note the process involved in setting a fixed date for this significant meeting.

Remember those were the days of typewriters and relying on normal postal mail, hence it was quite intriguing to observe the level of interaction that took place amongst these brickmakers in setting up this first meeting, with names like Rosema & Klaver, as well as Blakes Bricks, appearing as some of the original founding members.

In the chair was Mr E.A Wakely Smith of Golden Brown Brick & Tile with only four members from other factories in attendance, i.e. the Brick Corporation of SA, Coronation Brick & Tile, Coronation Free State and Vereeniging Brick & Tile.

It was also in that forum that the first directors of the Association were elected. Some of you may recall names like E.A Wakely-Smith, W. Hochstadter, A.H Chapman, S.M Fletcher, P.L Garlick and A. Olwage

Attached is a copy of the first page of the minutes from the very first Annual General Meeting, as well as some of the member correspondence. Please join me in saluting these members for setting the foundations that led to the Clay Brick Association to be the almost 100 member strong organisation and leading industry player that it is today – and 50 years later!


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