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Michelin stays safe with Ocon clay brick

Ocon Brick is to supply approximately 400,000 clay stock bricks for the new Michelin Warehouse in Klipriver. The warehouse, currently under construction, will be used for the storage of tyres destined for import and export customers.

Whilst tyres themselves are hard to ignite, all warehousing of bulk tyre supplies would be required to be constructed of the most safe, non-flammable and fire resistant materials available. The clay stock brick from Ocon Brick offers a naturally fire-resistant choice and conforms to SANS 227 standards.

Expectra 265 Plant Hire and Construction Site Manager, Deon le Roux said “The Ocon Brick clay stock bricks have natural fire resistance elements, which, due to the construction of a firewall inside the warehouse, made them a preferable choice. The product quality coupled with their cost competitiveness is what made our client support our decision to use the Ocon Brick product”.

“The balance of the clay stock bricks will be used for the walling around the warehouse and the project is due to be completed by the end of October 2015” said le Roux.

Mariana Lamont, Ocon Brick Regional Sales Manager commented “Our clay stock bricks are well suited for use in the construction of firewalls and where a site requires a natural fire resistant product, in this case, making it a perfect choice for the Michelin warehouse. They also offer superior thermal insulation coupled with a low carbon footprint, the latter being a specification more and more developers are including in their project criteria”.

Ocon Brick were recently awarded their seventh PMR Gold Arrow Award for excellence in product range and quality; reputation management, pricing; environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable development practices as well as reliable delivery and customer service. They are part of the Infrastructure Specialist Group that also comprises Technicrete and Rocla.

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