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New AQA national pollution regulations require a Pollution Prevention Plan

AQA draft national pollution prevention regulations and draft declaration of greenhouse gases as priority air. New (draft) regulations require companies conducting activities as listed below and that produce or may produce gases categorised as priority air pollutants, to submit a Pollution Prevention Plan to the Minister. This plan must be in accordance with Section 29(3) of the Air Quality Act.

As a further requirement, as and when a pollution prevention plan was submitted and approved, the person(s) conducting the activities producing these gases must monitor the levels of these gases, evaluate progress made and report on it, as stipulated by Section 29(4) of the Air Quality Act.  An additional document, found at the link at the end of this article, describes in more detail what is needed for pollution prevention plans and their submission.

Here follows a list of production processes for which pollution prevention plans are required, (Annexure A of GNR 39578):

  1. Coal mining;
  2. Production and/or refining of crude oil;
  3. Production and/or processing of natural gas;
  4. Production of liquid fuels from coal or gas;
  5. Cement production;
  6. Glass production;
  7. Ammonia production;
  8. Nitric acid production;
  9. Carbon black production;
  10. Iron and steel production;
  11. Ferro-alloys production;
  12. Aluminium production;
  13. Polymers production;
  14. Pulp and paper production;
  15. Electricity production (combustion of fossil fuels, excluding the use of back-up generators).

The Minister may amend the list at any time, but ENVASS will inform our clients accordingly.  Please visit this page to view the full Notice (Regulations) as published.

ENVASS will also inform our clients when the regulations are promulgated, as they are now only in draft form for comment.


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