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Prevent punctures and minimise downtime

At the request of clients in the brick and quarry industries, Survival Tyres were asked to develop a practical solution for the prevention of punctures and as a result reduce down time due to punctures.

Survival Liquid Tyre Sealant is a latex-based product developed and manufactured in South Africa. Survival Liquid tyre solution is installed as standard so that in the unlikely event of a tyre being punctured by an object in the tyre will be instantly sealed by Survival.

Several members of the Clay Brick Association have already tested the wheels sets, and are very happy. 

Survival Tyres are also busy with the development of alternative rim and tyre combinations for other equipment where constant problems exist due to punctures resulting in substantial down time on a daily basis. These developments will be communicated once thorough testing and trials have been completed.

If you are interested in finding out more about this option or any other tyre and rim related requirements for your earthmoving machines, please contact Survival Tyre Safety at 012 803 5348 or . They specialize in new and second hand tyres, rims and sealants which they manufacture with industry leading capabilities.


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