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Renovated Boksburg Lake

Beautiful clay brick: 

The Corobrik brand is, once again, adding to the historic legacy of South Africa after its clay paver and face brick range were selected for the monumental Boksburg Lake upgrade. The project, which started in September 2017, aims to restore Boksburg Lake to its former glory as a local tourism asset.

The massive upgrade by the City of Ekurhuleni, budgeted at R12.5 million, involves extensive construction and repairs to the site. Implemented by contractor, Leafy Space; landscaping consultants, Outer Space Planning and Design; Consultium Architects and Urban Designers; and Ndodana Consulting Engineers, the project seeks to restore this central feature, thereby promoting local tourism and increasing the region’s value.

Upgrades include paving of walkways using 468 200 of Corobrik’s clay pavers; perimeter fencing; kerbing and landscaping. In addition to the pavers, 59 520 of Corobrik’s Roan Satin face bricks and 7 000 of Corobrik’s Terracotta Satin face bricks were used to for the restoration and construction of entrance walls, seating walls, a climbing wall, a soccer seating wall and repairs to a large gazebo. Plans are underway to construct ablution facilities as well.

Musa Shangase, Corobrik’s Commercial Director, said the inclusion of the clay pavers and face bricks in this historic upgrade was significant as the bricks’ longevity would ensure no future restoration would be needed for many years to come.

“The durable nature of clay, which is kiln-fired, means that it can withstand constant weathering while retaining its natural, vibrant aesthetic,” said Shangase. “For public walkways, such as those at Boksburg Lake, it’s important to ensure pedestrians are kept safe, even in wet weather conditions. The skid-resistant nature of the clay pavers makes them an incredibly responsible choice.”

He said the face bricks chosen blended well with the paver range, and also required no further maintenance: “Because the face brick doesn’t need to be plastered and painted, the city saves on further costs related to upkeep.”

The dam, which was built in the late 1800s, has been a popular feature in the former mining town of Boksburg. Although the lake hasn’t been in peak condition for a few years, the upgrade is set to revitalise the area, offering residents several recreational options. These include an outdoor play area and gym, climbing wall and soccer field.

Commenting on the selection of Corobrik’s range for this particular project, Alan Cooper, of Outer Space Planning and Design, said: “We chose clay brick for its longevity and it ability to age well. The paver colours were chosen for their warmth and to blend with the red face brick colour. Red clay brick mixed with sandstone both reflected and augmented the heritage of Boksburg – an area where many of the buildings are constructed using the red clay brick.”

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