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Rowe Group take RVSBK kilns to greater heights

Rowe Group have completed another computational fluid dynamic (CFD) study, in partnership with a professor from Stellenbosch university. This comprehensive air flow study has yielded some very interesting results from approximately 20 different simulations. The company are currently assessing and collating the information with a view to semi-automating the RVSBK operation. This could take the technology to even greater heights and make operation of the kilns even easier.

Rowe Group will be commissioning an RVSBK kiln at Rheebok bricks later this year, which will reach operational capacity early in 2016. Eston Brick is breaking ground this week with a facility capable of producing 3-4 million bricks a month. Rowe Design and Consulting is at an advanced stage with several other brick makers to start implementation of the RVSBK technology at their factories. 

The company is keen to offer assistance to the Clay Brick Association Members, and with RVSBK technology they believe they can meet member's aspirations for a firing medium that can make their operations even more competitive by reducing wastage and coal usage thus achieving a lower carbon footprint. The RVSBK firing technology has the ability to fire several different products and produces a very consistent clay product.



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