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FOR SALE - Langkloof Equipment

As most members know, we are busy with the installation of a Rotary kiln and as such we will be closing down our mechanical drying facility and the VSBK’s.

All the equipment for the drying chambers including the construction plans, furnace equipment to generate hot air will become available from end of October.

There are 9 chamber with 3 independent control panels for the circulation and extraction fans.
Furnace equipment consists of a 4.7m long John Thompson chaingrate stoker bed with 11kw grate cooling fan and drive motor, 90 000 m³/hr main supply fan with a 38kw motor and starter.
Chaingrate Ash extraction bed with grate cooling fan, 7.5kw and drive motor.
Steele 60 with pushthru cutter, 30 bricks/cut.
Vacuumpump,tank and related equipment.

Should anyone be interested, contact me on: 0834589711 or e-mail,

Benefits of Brick: 


Economical & Practical

energy savings

Energy Efficient & Sustainable


Desirable & Stylish