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Waters Edge Century City

Waters Edge is an urban-based development comprising a new residential apartment building looking towards Intaka Island, an E-parking structure that is positioned as a buffer building to Canal Walk, and a promenade park along the canal edge. This composition of buildings and public space is designed to create a dynamic urban living place at the edge of the water body surrounding Century City’s award-winning wetlands nature reserve.

The site’s existing pedestrian desire lines, the canal edge and the proximity to Intaka Island served as the primary influences on the urban and architectural concept of the development, and informed the two principal ideas that shaped the design.

Group Five Construction (Pty) Ltd commenced construction in June 2016

Claytile secured the order for 800 000 Maxi NFP bricks.

Construction was completed in mid 2017


Economical & Practical

energy savings

Energy Efficient & Sustainable


Desirable & Stylish