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Bernini Impianti SRL

Associate Member
Eng. Massimo Bernini

Burning systems for clay brick kilns and dryers

Bernini Impianti burning systems are simple and rational models, both for Hoffmann and Tunnel kilns, designed for energy saving and improving combustion efficiency.

SOLID (petcoke, coal, biomass)               

  • GCS: for granulated solid fuel with hammer mill
  • SFD: for micronized solid fuel
  • HSFB: hybrid burner for granulated solid fuel including biomass with hammer mill
  • Accessories: Automatic preparation and feeding system for the solid fuel

HEAVY OIL (fuel, diesel, heavy oil)

  • GGT: continuous feeding burner system
  • BHD: impulse burner system
  • Accessories: Feeding of fuel with daily tank and pumping station

GAS (natural/methane, LPG)

  • BHS: high velocity gas burners for preheating zone of the kiln (side or top)
  • GSH: blown air gas burner, can function together with high velocity burners
  • BGI: gas impulse burner, can function together with high velocity burners
  • Accessories: gas ramp

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