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Metalcèrtima SA

Associate Member
Helder Almeida

Metalcértima is a European company based in Portugal with more than 40 years of experience, specialized in the development, manufacture and installation of complete solutions and highly automated turnkey projects for the brick, roof-tile and ceiling block industries.

Metalcértima is part of a holding group of companies dedicated to ceramics, financially stable, socially responsible and an important economic player in terms of employment and production capability.

We have been installing projects around the world, in different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America) but each project presented by Metalcértima represents a tailor solution developed to meet the client’s needs and demands, such as product dimension, shape and required output.

Such as Metalcértima, our customers seek daily to be more competitive. With that purpose in mind, we keep pushing the creation of solutions that will respond to several needs and solve complex problems to which we have been giving an appropriate response.

The profound knowledge of the ceramic process and the needs of the ceramic industry allowed us to develop a scope of solutions and continue to present with regularity innovating solutions and products, that will satisfy the needs of the industry improving effectively their competitiveness.

Our customers can expect at any time this proactive attitude in pursuit of the continuous improvement that defines us.

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Apartado 9, 3770-909 Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal
Rua Industrial no 9, 3770-224 Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal


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