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Beta Bricks

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Full Member
Timothy Dzimwasha
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+263 433-3422
+263 77224-8685
+263 433-3422
P O Box 2290 Harare Zimbabwe
Brickfields Road Mount Hamdden Harare, Harare (city) Zimbabwe

About us

Products : 
NFP - Non Face Plastered, NFX - Non Face Extra

Profile & Projects

Beta Holdings is dedicated to employing the latest technologies and remains committed to driving further efficiencies in the production of all its products. The ongoing regeneration of the Zimbabwean economy has resulted in a growing demand for construction inputs and Beta remains the largest brick and concrete roof tile supplier in the country.

Often times the first point of contact a customer has within the construction industry is with Beta, driving the necessity for us as a company to introduce additional value added products and services within the construction process.

With the introduction of the Roof Tile plant in April 2011, Beta Holdings consolidated its position as a key player in the local construction industry. Our goal in the coming years is to increase our position in the construction key inputs chain by providing our loyal and growing customer base a seamless supply of inputs for all their construction projects.

As Members of the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, we can guarantee that all our products are of assured quality. We provide bricks and roof tiles that are made to retain aesthetic and structural integrity, thus ensuring Beta remains a cornerstone in the creation of architectural legacies in Zimbabwe and the Southern African region.

We currently have three main operating units:

  1. Brick production - our current plants have the capacity to produce up to 160 million bricks per annum, spread over 15 types.
  2. Concrete Roof Tile production, annual production capacity of 8 million tiles on 2 profiles - Mendip and Double Roman in a variety of colours.
  3. Logistics/Transportation - dedicated to managing the Beta Group supply chain process.

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