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Corobrik (Pty) Ltd - Avoca

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Full Member
Des Kisten
Contact Tel: 
(031) 565-1093
083 274 0232
(031) 565-1195
P O Box 201367, Durban North, 4016
Lark Road, Duffs Road Avoca Durban,

About us

Products : 
NFP - Non Face Plastered, NFX - Non Face Extra, FBA - Face Brick Aesthetic, FBS - Face Brick Standard, FBX - Face Brick Extra, Superbrick (Maxi), PA - Clay Pavers, PB - Clay Pavers

Profile & Projects

For more than 100 years, Corobrik has been manufacturing, distributing and marketing bricks for the local and international market. Our range of high quality brick and building products have helped bring design ideas to life.

We have regional offices around South Africa, as well as a large national network of accredited dealers.

All our manufacturing processes are based on sound environmental practices, thus ensuring that we contribute to South Africa’s sustainable development initiatives while lessening the impact of our business on the environment. At all times we adhere to the Minerals and Mine, Health and Safety Acts.

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