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De Hoop Steenwerwe

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Full Member
F C Kotze
Contact Tel: 
21 868 3185-7
082 823 8393
021 868-2851
P O Box 95, Huguenot, 7645
De Hoop Steenpad Upper Daljosaphat Paarl, Western Cape

About us

Products : 
NFP - Non Face Plastered, NFX - Non Face Extra, FBA - Face Brick Aesthetic, FBS - Face Brick Standard, PA - Clay Pavers, PB - Clay Pavers

Profile & Projects

Clay pavers, like red wine, actually get better with age. Their colour will never fade out and will still be there for centuries to come. Besides paving bricks De Hoop has also become known for its red facebricks used in various projects enhancing buildings in and around the Western Cape.

De Hoop prides itself to produce consistent quality products and kept on investing in the latest technology available in order to achieve our goal. This also means that we can now produce more types of face bricks and pavers better, cleaner, greener and much more efficient and productive. Through the years we, along with our customers, faced many challenges, good times and bad times, times of prosperity and of recessions, but like them always giving our best, we are still here...

Today, we are geared up to produce many new types of products (and of course the old favourites) and are fully committed to keep on supplying our customers way into the future!

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