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FFS Refiners

Associate Member
Nelisiwe Gumede Division Manager

FFS supply fit-for-purpose fuels that are used in a variety of applications, ranging from baking, glass melting, billet heating, steam raising, brick making, asphalt heating, power plant start-up and auxiliary power plant primary fuel. Special low sulphur fuels are produced for use in environmentally-sensitive urban areas (i.e. hospitals, bakeries, food processing, etc). FFS also produce high quality creosote-blend wood preservatives for the utility pole industry.

The Company's head office is situated in Durban. There are six process plants and seven storage depots situated throughout South Africa.

The processing facilities utilise a full range of technologies from thermal evaporation, static separation, low and high-speed centrifugation, filtration, blending, distillation, hydrogenation and cracking in order to achieve a wide range of products to exacting specifications.

In addition there are facilities for processing oily effluent water. Each process operation or branch has a fully equipped laboratory where analysis is carried out on each and every batch of fuel that leaves the plant.

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P O Box 25102 Sea View 4072
104 Umhlatuzana Road, Sea View, KzaZulu Natal


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