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Ivan Freeman

Additives have been used for centuries, even in the days   when clay bricks were hand made. So what’s new? As technology and mechanisation evolved, the demand for  new and improved additives increased.

Technology Products

Clayfix is a potassium enriched aqueous blend of modified vegetable and mineral oils, polymers, polyelectrolytes, surfactants and modified starches. Clayfix is a general purpose rheology modifier that will enable you to extrude a stiffer column using less water.

Magnafix is a magnesium enriched version of Clayfix designed to address magnesium deficiencies  in clay bodies formed during the degradation of granites. The presence of magnesium acts as a thermal stabiliser during the quartz inversion phase of the firing cycle.

Clay speed blend is a combination of Clayfix, Magnafix , Polyacrylamide and Extruder Lube. It was developed specifically for abrasive refractory clay bodies and those containing high levels of sand. Its primary function is to increase the extrusion rates of these highly abrasive bodies.

Extrude all is a specially formulated blend of modified oleoresin oils, surfactants and coalescing agents.It was developed initially for clay bodies that because of their excessive plasticity, need to be heavily grogged in order to maintain structural form during extrusion and prevent slumping during drying and firing.

Souring fluid is an aqueous solution of powerful dispersing agents that accelerate the souring process of freshly mined clay bodies.It contains an anionic cellulosic polymer to prevent rapid drying and hardening in the layered stockpile

Crack stop is a blend of Extrude-All, selected starches and polysaccharides.It was developed specifically to treat drying sensitive clays and clays that have poor bonding capacities.

Extruder lube is an extreme pressure die lubricant and contains an aqueous blend of surfactants, vegetable oil esters and polyelectrolytes. Extruder Lube reduces frictional wear on point augers and core bridges and die boxes and, if applied correctly, will reduce the extrusion temperature of the column

Ultra high Viscosity Die Lube is a viscosified version of Extruder Lube and is designed for use in clay bodies that are highly porous because of elevated levels of grog or free quartz.

Iscolube lubricates in exactly the same manner as mineral oil distillates, however, unlike the mineral oil distillates it is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and has a significantly higher flash point making it safe to use in hard, hot extrusions.

Glide easy is a hydrophobic modified blend of a methyl ester and a transester and contains biowaxes and virgin vegetable oils. was designed for use in push through cutters and swivel tables.

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