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Namclay Brick and Pavers

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Full Member
Albert Weitz Jnr
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+264 (81) 851 1477
+264 (81) 851 1477
+264 (64) 504 22
P O Box 48, Uis, Namibia, 9000

About us

Products : 
NFP - Non Face Plastered, NFX - Non Face Extra, FBA - Face Brick Aesthetic, E - Engineering Unit, PA - Clay Pavers

Profile & Projects

Namclay Bricks and Pavers, started operating in Uis during 2006, when we saw the need for a locally produced brick that could withstand the harsh weather of the Namibian Coast.

We use unique processes to extract clay from old mine slime dams and use the proceeds to rehabilitate the mine and at the same time produce high strength quality bricks that are able to withstand the weather conditions of the Namibian coast.

Our bricks and pavers are suitable for all weather conditions and can be successfully used in all building conditions in Africa.

Namclay clay bricks are suitable for various applications, and because of the brick's strength, (maximum pressure strength of 40 Mega Pascal [MPa]) it is suitable for the erection of tall buildings with little or no re-enforced concrete structures.

Our Bricks and Pavers, are suitable for various projects, double storey buildings, houses, perimeter walls, outbuildings, drive ways, courtyard and many more. It's strength is your guarantee.

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