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Refraline |(Pty|) Ltd

Associate Member
Karl Rosch


Design and Development of Refractory Materials • Demolition • Maintenance and Repair of Refractories.
Corrosion Engineering Solutions • Materials and Maintenance
Lagging and Cladding Installation and Repairs


The Refraline Group of Companies consists of Refraline, Refraline Natal, DCE Corrosion Engineering, Refraline Northern KZN and RefNtombi – with headquarters at 82 Bell Street in Meadowdale, Germiston.

Established in 1981, Refraline has grown from strength-to-strength over the decades, and is today recognised as one of the leading refractory and corrosion contracting companies in South Africa. Employing a core workforce of more than 300 permanent skilled staff and supplemented by a substantial pool of temporary personnel, the company specialises in:  

material development,




installations and maintenance of refractory and corrosion solutions

for a wide range of industries including:

iron and steel,


non-ferrous metals,

platinum group metals,


chemical and petrochemical,

cement and lime,

power generation,


paper and pulp,

clay brick,



and food and beverage industries.

We are also specialists in the Lagging and Cladding industry.

Our reputation has been built on its reliability, flexibility and fast response times, we are well equipped, employing sophisticated techniques and using specialised construction equipment. For effective lining removal in kilns and ladles, the company has acquired remote-controlled demolition machines which reduce downtime, increase productivity and improve safety. We can also offer full-line supply, from design and manufacture to installing refractories, by stationing highly skilled and experienced staff onsite. This enables companies to focus on their core competencies. We also manage entire fleets of ladles, ensuring optimum availability and on-time delivery of hot ladles to operations departments. Refraline continuously undertakes research and development into new materials, products and applications to improve refractory solutions to our customers. These materials are tested at our local laboratory before manufature and sales. Material data sheets are available on all products on request.  DCE Corrosion Engineering are experts in the design, manufacture and application of specialised corrosion resistant lining systems for concrete and steel applications, as well as acid resistant floors. With more than 30 years of industry leading experience and expertise, DCE Corrosion Engineering boasts a team of highly qualified staff and unrivalled technology, which ensures that the design and selection of suitable materials is provided to clients.

The lagging and cladding division, specialises in the thermal insulation of vessels and reticulation systems to minimise heat loss. Lagging is the thermal insulation between objects to reduce heat loss by using specially engineered materials and processes. The process of cladding is to protect the lagging from external factors such as weather.

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011 392 0700
PO Box 8393, Edenglen, 1613
82 Bell Street, Meadowdale, Germiston


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