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Rieter Morando SRL

Associate Member
Andrea Saglietti

Two historical brands - Rieter and Morando - have merged and are further strengthened into a new company structure: Rieter Morando.

By merging these companies and connecting two highly relevant brands, such as Rieter and Morando, it is intended to strengthen the position as a world leading supplier of clay preparation and shaping equipment, service and spare parts. Rieter Morando have up to 7.000 machines installed in 74 different countries and over 90 models in its portfolio. The joint team now is even stronger thanks to the enforced combination of know-how and skills in bricks and tiles manufacturing technologies.

This evolution will further accelerate the companies’ focus on innovation, customer proximity and service support providing a unique positioning on the market. Rieter Morando will pursue independent growth on its relevant core-business segment as a high-performing entity, doing business with the operating acumen and culture to thrive, creating employment opportunities while continuing to provide customers with high quality and differentiating solutions, products and services.

The acquired autonomy of Rieter Morando will allow a clearer focus on the brand, image and industrial identity. The Konstanz site will be developed as leading competence center for service, maintenance and spare parts, granting long-lasting and reliable support to all the customers valuing and appreciating the Rieter brand. The Asti site will strengthen the focus on research & development and smart technology solutions for industrial production, keeping the proximity to all the Morando and Rieter machines equipped factories. Together they will enhance a clear long-term strategy for Rieter Morando.

Rieter Morando will implement its strategic priorities in a highly energized way, to continue its successful development and create sustainable value. Relying on the skills of its joint teams, Rieter Morando will expand service offerings and models across all business areas. This will include consultancy and technical advice for its industrial customers, as well as digital service offers, leveraging industry 4.0 projects. In order to support its growth ambition, Rieter Morando will increase its investments in research & development. The flexibility of the organization and smart processes will be pursued to ensure fast time-to-market. An increased customer intimacy will also foster adaptability, anticipating market needs and penetration into new application segments. The Rieter Morando global team is ready and committed to take up this evolution as an opportunity to shape a new development future.

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