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Teide Refractory Solutions

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Carlos Mazorra

Teide offer a wide range of products and turnkey services to provide solutions for any type of red ceramics furnace,

For more than 50 years, the efficient technology of low thermal mass for the manufacture of hollow blocks, roof tiles, and clay bricks has positioned Teide Refractory Solutions S.L., as a world leader.

Among the main advantages of TEIDE kiln’s are:

  • Lower thermic conductivity compared with traditional solutions
  • Low thermic mass: we are able to reduce between 30-40 % of the weight in comparison to traditional solutions
  • Significant energy savings: our solution cuts energy consumption by 5-15%

Teide Refractory Solutions SL has two specialized production centers (Lliça de Vall - Barcelona, ​​Calanda-Teruel), with a total of 25,000 m2 covered and 30,000 TN. of production capacity which allows it to provide the market with a specific, wide and innovative range of services and products.

We start with a personalized treatment with our clients: we listen to their requests, we analyze their needs on the spot and we design and elaborate the formulas that solve their problems through continuous improvement.

Teide has 2 production facilities, both equipped with the latest technology for the manufacture of refractory materials.

  1. The Calanda plant with a current production of 20,000 tons and a capacity of 30,000 per year of materials of up to 90% alumina, shaped and non-conformed. Reaching this amount has been possible thanks to the renovation plan of the machinery that took place between 1998 and 2003, within which new features such as a 1,400 ºC tunnel kiln and 50 tons per day capacity were introduced; another tunnel kiln of 1,600ºC and 30Tn / day and an intermittent kiln of 1,600ºC and 15Tn / day, 20 presses and a powerful extrusion.
  2. The TEIDE plant in Lliçà de Vall, specialized since 1992 in special insulations and non-conformed, has a high level of automation and 5,000 tons of capacity.

Value Added Support Services

TEIDE offers its clients an integral management of their needs. A team of technicians and specialized professionals makes a detailed study of each case in particular to offer a service of added value, complete and differential. From our Engineering Department we project and plan all the projects and take charge of their realization and assembly.

In a previous analysis of the needs, the specialists put the knowledge and the extensive experience of TEIDE at the service of the client to advise him in each situation. After the analysis a preliminary draft is made, which includes an identification of the constructive viability; a study of the materials, the pieces and their respective qualities and computerized pre-designs in CAD-CAM of the future installation.

Once approved by the client, the project is presented with the calculation of the final costs and the final design. Prototypes and tests of the different pieces to be used are made by simulation or tests.

Finally, the components of the installation are manufactured, which can be formed by a wide range; to highlight the pieces of silicon carbide, extrusion, perforated plates, dippers, resistance holders, gazettes, insulators and concretes. Once the final control is over, the products are packed and then sent with the best logistics. The company supervises the installation and its assembly; offers a start-up advisory service; and tracks performance.


  • The Group was started in Barcelona in 1954, with the founding of Productos Pyrotermsa SL.
  • In 1965, the company built Refractarios Teide SA, located in Lliçà de Vall (Barcelona); Insulators, which made it possible to expand the range of products.
  • In 1970, the Group was extended, with the incorporation of the Calanda factory (Teruel) specialized in aluminosos, cordierita and not conformed of low alumina.
  • In 1982, to ensure the supply of plastic clays, the Group purchased a minority stake in a mining company, Arexa in Cañada and Verich (Teruel), which has now become a 50% interest.
  • In 1990, I started the production of high quality non-conformed products.
  • In 1992, it became part of the Icasa Group, a company that was founded in Zaragoza in 1931 and with two Alfas de Oro, this production center with 18,000 m2 of plant, specializes in high alumina, cordieritas, silicon carbide, zirconium and mullitas. Currently these facilities are located in Calanda (Teruel).
  • In 2009-2010, a restructuring of the group was undertaken, focusing on the manufacture of the most competitive products, with an international vision and innovation.

The general management of TEIDE is carried out by the Administrative Department, the Commercial Department and the Design and Development Department, composed of a human team of 15 professionals. In addition, it has 20 delegations, both in Spain and abroad ... in constant movement. With a staff in factories of 60 workers.

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