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West End Clay Brick

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Full Member
Aart Oudbier
Contact Tel: 
0861 937-8363
071 868-9936
086 521-8830
P O Box 2723 Lanasia 1820

About us

Products : 
NFP - Non Face Plastered, FBA - Face Brick Aesthetic, FBS - Face Brick Standard, FBX - Face Brick Extra, E - Engineering Unit

Profile & Projects

In the age-old tradition of brick manufacture, West End Claybrick, founded some 30 years ago, is proud to be able to provide all sectors of the building industry with quality yet affordable Face (FBS), Semi Face (FBA) and Clay Plasters (NFP).

West End is a ‘World Class’ manufacturing facility in the production of clamp fired clay bricks and will soon be embarking on a drive to obtain the SABS mark of approval.

In our bid toward a greener future, we provide our clients with unique quality products sourced from all natural resources, which provide excellent insolation, durability, fade resistance, low maintenance and most importantly, aesthetically appealing clay bricks.

Our product range consists of Golden, Ivory, Dapple, Dapple Multi-mix Light, Dapple Multi-mix Dark, Fire Box Brown, Clinker-mix, Caramel Multi-mix, Autumn and Honeyglow-mix. These are all available in a Travertine finish.

Our Logistics Division is able to provide clients with practical solutions for nationwide deliveries.

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