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SF#10 ClickBricks for Innovative Circular Construction

Essentially, ClickBricks are clay bricks that do not need to be connected by cement to create a stable wall.  Produced by Daas Baksteen, ClickBricks can be dry stacked together by means of metal clips, to create a wall, without the use of cement or glue. Most importantly, these bricks can be taken apart after the building has served its life and the bricks can be used for a new building.

The ClickBrick concept was developed by Daas Baksteen for aesthetic reasons (to remove the visible mortar lines between bricks), but it soon became apparent that the concept also allowed for the direct re-use of clay bricks, and an innovative way to minimise construction waste.

The Daas ClickBrick is a wirecut facing brick made by extrusion. The bricks are custom milled and grooved to size after being fired in the kiln, resulting in the exact shape and size, with a tolerance of less than +/- 0.1 mm on the quoted height. The resulting built finish of the external wall is very smooth and clean, requiring little or no maintenance.. The bricks have a length of 238 mm, which results in open head joints of approximately 2 mm.

Technical Contributors

  • Lodewijk Nell
    Technical Consultant - EcoMetrix Africa
  • CBA Technical Committee


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