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Sustainability Leaflet - Informal brickmakers

The Clay Brick Association  has produced a user-friendly A4 leaflet for distribution to small-scale and informal sector clay brick production facilities. The factsheet outlines practical opportunities for cost savings that will simultaneously result in greater efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

“It is anticipated that this introductory leaflet will open up debate and discussion with small entrepreneurs who have not previously considered their impact on ecology,” says John Volsteedt who heads up this section of the EU Switch Africa Green project.

“Most SMMEs assume that implementation of sustainable production will be expensive and unprofitable, or just too difficult. Through education they realise that even modest changes in how they operate have an impact on sustainability. Fast results are achievable and they easily benefit from continuous improvement.”

Each topic in the brochure considers different production opportunities:

  • Opportunities for saving on energy and fuel
  • Opportunity for saving water
  • Opportunities for savings on raw materials
  • Opportunities for reducing waste
  • Opportunities for enhancing local biodiversity
  • Opportunities for community social development

“With the continued drought, access to water has become a problem so brick-makers are open to ideas for reduced water use,” explains John. “The cost of energy and lack of available land, as well as low prices due to poor quality are all reasons for them to participate enthusiastically in our education initiative.”


Economical & Practical

energy savings

Energy Efficient & Sustainable


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