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Technical Note #05 - Sustainability in Context of Masonry Walling

A review of articles published in 'Sustainability Conferences' and developed for the Clay Brick Association as a summary of other significant works that contribute towards the case of masonry walling in the advance of Sustainability in Buildings.


The seminal publications and events around the principles of Sustainable Development are reviewed. Articles published during the proceedings of SB10 and SB11, and earlier writings by the CBA on the topic of Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessments were reviewed for items of relevance to the Clay Brick Association of South Africa. The potential for new standards that contribute toward achieving greater sustainability in buildings in the RSA is examined.


  • Sustainability Principles
  • Three Pillars of Sustainability
  • Measurement of Sustainability
  • International Systems and Standards
  • European and National Standards
  • Indices of Sustainability in Buildings
  • Conclusions
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