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Technical Note #09 Understanding Green Building Credits for Clay Masonry Walling

Green Star SA is a rating system used to assess the design and construction of various building types, from an environmental and human health perspective, and is developed by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

The Green Star SA Rating System includes the following tools:

  • Green Star SA - Office v1
  • Green Star SA - Retail Centre v1
  • Green Star SA – Multi-Unit Residential

GBCSA operates under license to the Australian Green Building Council. However, all categories and credits in the rating tools are researched, reviewed and written in a South African context by a technical working group of local industry experts.

Green Star SA rating tools consist of 8 environmental impact categories and an innovation category. Within each category there are credits which represent individual design initiatives. Then, within each credit, points are awarded based on the environmental impact of the relative credit (bigger impact credits have more points available). Although many of the credits are similar across tools and share common codes of reference, each tool comprises of sector specific credits that addresses initiatives specific to those building types.

The Green Star SA rating tools are developed to be equitable across building sectors. In other words, a 5-Star Green Star SA - Retail Centre project will exhibit a degree of industry leadership comparable to that of any other 5 Star Green Star SA project under another tool.

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