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What brick do I use to build a fire wall?

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Selecting bricks

Question continues: "The walls are 3m high by 4.5m wide by 0.2m thick, and supported at each end of the 4.5m  I believe this will have a fire rating of 240 minutes?  How do I support the wall for strength against wind? Are steel wire wall ties sufficient? "


You do not need a special type of brick such as a fire brick. I suggest a double skin masonry wall in standard imperial clay brick, with each leaf 106 mm in thickness. This will yield an overall wall thickness (unplastered) of 212 mm which will have a nominal fire rating of 240 minutes.

I would recommend supporting each 4 meter length of wall with a 340 x340mm brick pillar at each end, as well as using wire ties (brickforce) as suggested.

Chris Dickinson


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